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Colombo Property Hub (Pvt) Ltd, Your solution to a redefined living. Established in 2010, we are a company focused on finding the right property and ensuring vigilance at your perusal both in Sri Lanka and Australia. A key feature that Colombo Property Hub engages in is that we hold exclusive listings under our network and are allowed to manage, as well as market them. With great regard to our well qualified and experienced International team, Clients and Customers find us to be a genuine hub that hosts prime properties and provides service par excellence. We proud and delighted, to have tied up as the official agents for some of the best projects in Sri Lanka that are Exclusive and World leading.

Buyers and Clients are guaranteed confidentiality and are advised on all aspects of the property market. With the assistance of local lawyers, we ensure due diligence is undertaken on every purchase providing you, the buyer, gets exactly what you paid for.

We take great pleasure in structuring ourselves in becoming the leading real estate agency to offer exclusive listings at your fingertips. From Condo’s to Hotels, Apartments to Commercial Buildings, we desire to provide you with what you’re looking for or maybe even more. With the launch of our brand new high tech website end of January 2020, we are excited to be able to provide a wide array of new services for our valuable clientele.

Sumesh Fernando

Message from the Managing Director

At Colombo Property Hub (Pvt) Ltd, we have contributed to hundreds of individual and corporate clients by providing them with high end real estate solutions. We strive to ensure that we provide the best customer satisfaction and put a smile on every ones faces. We are proud to be appointed agents for many of the exclusive projects both locally and abroad. Branching out to new localities like Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States, the GCC and Europe, for real-estate services as well as other sectors. Thus we support the local economy in whatever locality we operate in with growth, whilst being mutually beneficial for all involved.

As the Managing Director of Colombo Property Hub (Pvt) Ltd, it makes me proud to see the opportunities that Colombo Property Hub has created for our satisfied clientele, both individuals, corporates and families. Nothing makes me happier than to sit down with a potential client and discuss their requirement and provide high end real estate solutions to make sure they are provided with a high quality of living and their relocation needs are met with the highest satisfaction.

I am proud to live in a country that offers enormous potential for those brave enough to seize the opportunities. I feel honored to have contributed to Sri Lanka through my vision for Colombo Property Hub. Every new client creates communities, creates employment, investment opportunities and creates prosperity.

It is personally satisfying that we have helped many Expatriates and locals in Sri Lanka as well as abroad, to become more prosperous through providing high end real estate solutions and through the jobs, as well as communities we have created and contributed to.

Twelve years ago, my vision was to create a company that would offer the full suite of professional real estate services required for the individuals and corporates. Today we do that and much more, as well as having diversified into many sectors and expanded our scope. Now in operation for over a decade, we are proud to say that we both individually and collaboratively with everyone relevant in this sector, have and continues to contributed to the real estate sector of Sri Lanka.

Today I can proudly say Colombo Property Hub (Pvt) Ltd creates opportunities, communities and a quality living lifestyle.

Sumesh Fernando
(Managing Director)











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